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Magnificent Turn of ThinkWise - From ODM to OEM


With intensifying competition in LCD arm industries, customers show great interest in personality and original LCD arm brand. At the same time, Shanghai ThinkWise, who is focused on ODM products all the time, create an emerging brand “ThinkWise”. ThinkWise concentrated on ODM in the past and now become aleading company in the LCD arm area with own brand. Unlike other factories,ThinkWise has insisted on providing one-stop services from design to production. With the born of “ThinkWise” brand, ThinkWise is on the way of brand from now on.

However, as competition has intensified and markets become saturated, ThinkWise realize only if grasp core technology, we can capture the market in great degree.ThinkWise has a professional R&D team and clear target customer group. With the strong support of perfect industry supply chain, ThinkWise establish his own brand and realize a magnificent turn.

ThinkWise engaged in creating own brand and providing best experience to the user.-太阳集团城网址


When originally founded, ThinkWise mainly design and produce ODM products. ThinkWise aware of the importance to establish own brand and prepare to create own brand with the development of ODM. Based on rich technology experience and professional R&D team, the own brand “ThinkWise” was born. From ODM to OBM,ThinkWise is growing up and try to open up global market to bring ThinkWise to every corner in the world.

ThinkWise take the users’ latest requirement and best experience as the impetus to innovate. Throughout the market perspective, creating own brand is the absolute principle of enterprise development. Since the beginning of 2013, ThinkWise has been a household name in the domestic market. ThinkWise LCD arms come to the market with good prospect. In the future, ThinkWise will go to the global market with new brand image, flagship products and clear development strategy.


What is ODM?

ODM means Original Designed Manufacturer, which could provide customers with all-round service as R & D of products, products-oriented and production. Only with given expected function and performance of products or even conception, ODM manufacturers could put the conception into reality.-澳门太阳集团城网址